Five pairs of summer shoes for people who really don't want to get their toes out

Summer shoes that let your feet breathe but don't show off your gnarly nails and bunions

The quintessential summer shoe is the scandal, right? Wrong. It's the espadrille, and everyone should own a pair (just don't wear them in the rain. I did. And mine now smell like soggy dog). Just because you wear next to nothing elsewhere when the sun shines doesn't mean you want to expose the world to your hooves. Summer shoes do not need to be strappy, and they can still look summery. They can be runners, too, but that's not what we're talking about.

If you're wearing them without socks, though, make sure that you have plasters a plenty. I bought a pair of backless pointed gold espadrilles in Zara yesterday, and while my heel went free, the skin on top took a beating. The downside to backless shoes is the pressure put on the top of your foot as you walk. The shoe does not want to move with you like it would if your heel was secure, so it rebels by tearing your skin off. If your shoes are rough at the sides, my advice is to wear them down with a pumice stone.

I will wear those gold pointed espadrille mules despite the redness and lil bit of pus because they're fabulous. If I were to make a different choice in Zara, though, I'd lean towards these guys that have a heel strap. The price is certainly right.

zara summer shoes 1

Or, better still, these. They've a wedge, they cover the whole foot, they're lightweight AND those ribbons.

zara summer shoes 2


They don't have to be espadrilles, though.

river island summer shoes

Ruff Ruff

hm summer shoes

Knot Knot

And you can always fall back on a pair of sweet ballet flats. These ones have the distinction of having bare sides, which makes them that little bit dressier, and not so cutesy.


ballerina summer shoes

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