What Are You Wearing - RIGHT NOW!

It's been forever since we had a gratuitous rummage through each other's wardrobes.

So I ask you (and not in a breathy, anonymous caller type of way), what are you wearing right now? Are you in casual Friday gear or are you wearing a slinky dress to take you from the office to the pub? Are you still in your jammies (cue sighs of extreme jealousy) or are you shimmying around in your favourite jeans?

what are you wearing right now

I'll start it off and say I'm wearing a pair of blacker-than-priest's-socks skinnies from Oasis, a grey scoop neck jumper (brand unknown, I cut the tag off because it was giving me the scratches) and a chunky black necklace from French Connection.


And it's finished off with a pair of black biker boots, complete with two buckles and an annoying zip that clinks when I walk, ensuring that I sound like a complete eejit as I amble to the coffee machine.

What about you? We'd only love to have a peep at you through the beaut.ie looking glass!

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