12 Days of Detox: Bliss Fatgirl Sleep

bliss fatgirl sleep

Post-Christmas, I'm very much feeling like a blob who just wants to spend all her time in the scratcher, so trying out Bliss' Fatgirl Sleep on my wobbly bits seems like an appropriate thing to do.

€43 is quite hefty (geddit?) damage for a 170g jar of lilac goop. I must say, I like the lazy aspect of this product a lot - no mad kneading or rubbing needed,  you  massage into 'trouble spots' for a relatively committment-free 20-30 seconds, throw on your jammies and get your zeds. Their SlenderiZZZe complex is a more potent form of the one in the day cream, Fatgirl Slim, and claims to boost the regenerating work your body does overnight, which is even more lazy. And by God, do I like a quick fix.


Sadly, and this is no fault of Bliss, but I was just too slothful to do it for more than a week, so I can't really say whether it actually does bust dimples and wobbles. You'd need to use the whole jar to judge that, I'd imagine. But what seven days does do is leave skin feeling firmer and smoother - a nice result, sure, but possibly one you won't want to shell out the guts of €50 for.

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