Bliss Blood Orange & White Pepper: too orangey for crows. Perfect for me


Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper body butter is my new beauty crush.  It's paraben free, scented with mouth-watering citrus and musky pepper and moisturises my skin all the way to Smoothy-town and back. I can't get enough; I keep my bottle in my bag to sniff whenever I get a chance.

In just a few weeks of use, this has become a can't-live-without product. I've been lashing it on and sploding it out onto the hands of anyone who is too slow to get away with cries of "You HAVE to try this, you HAVE to!"


It is expensive though: a 200ml bottle will set you back thirty quid.  Is it just me, or does that plastic tube with light blue packaging and white font really not exactly scream expensive? Seeing as I've just quit smoking, I do feel a little bit like treating myself and thirty quid for body moisturiser isn't too awful.  Is it?

If your budget allows it, I really recommend checking this out. For now, I'm weighing up the pros and cons, while working my way thorough some other lovely skincare. Realistically, I'm probably going to buy it and feel that glorious mixture of guilt and total satisfaction.

What do we think? Am I being too fond of myself or should I part with the pennies?

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