3 cosy jumpers for when you want comfort but have to look presentable

It may look pretty out, but that weather has a way of making your entire family sick in one go. Jumpers are the solution, but not any old jumpers.

It's that time of year again. The leaves are changing, it's getting colder, the days are shortening. And half the office is out sick thanks to seasonal colds and bugs. You need jumpers, and lots of 'em.

Fashion and style always have their place, in day to day life and in the workplace. But, sometimes dressing up is a real drag. Especially when you're feeling under the weather. All you want to do is cosy up in a onesie, but your only options are thick tights, a comfy skirt and - what else?

You need a fashion jumper, that's what else. A jumper that you can wrap up in, but one that is disguised as a carefully chosen style piece. We think these three high street numbers fit the bill completely.

New Look €19.99



A-one, Sharon. Or Ciara, or Joan, or Mary.

River Island €45


Dress it up, dress it down. Dress to to the pub, dress it for the most luxurious of duvet days.

Topshop €64


topshop jumper

This big baggy jumper wouldn't look out of place on a student's floor. But it's got embellishment so now it's fancy.

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