The not-arsed girl's guide to Halloween things

Don't be a Halloween Scrooge. You might as well get in the spirit. With the littlest effort possible, obvs.

I used to be such a Halloween person. I have never worn the same costume twice (except for the years 1987 - 1990 when I was consistently a witch). Months before October, I would start planning my outfit obsessively. A couple of years ago, I even won the best costume here at Beaut HQ! But I've reached a plateau. I'm just not that into it anymore. It could be just a phase that I'll grow out of, but for now, it just seems like too much effort.

I am no Halloween Scrooge, though. I probably will end up doing something for Halloween, and I'm not doing it wearing jeans and a t-shirt (though, if I throw on a red bomber jacket, I could go as James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause...).

If you just want to wear your usual head to toe black autumn uniform but don't want to be a total spoilsport, here are a few easy ways to Halloweenify yourself.

topshop halloween accessories

Topshop Spider Web Face Sticker €5Topshop Bat Mask €10 / Topshop Halloween Blood Drop Gems €10

penneys fright club halloween makeup kits

Penneys Fright Club Halloween Makeup Kits

Or you could just, y'know, put on a novelty item of clothing.

PrettyLittleThing €18

(This is us. LOL.)

boohoo halloween

Boohoo €14 / €11 / €14


new look halloween


New Look socks €3.99 / Skeleton earrings €6.99 / Spider Earrings €6.99

You need those red over-the-knee boots anyway.

river island boots

River Island €114

And if your office is having a fancy desk competition (this is a thing now):

homesense halloween

Homesense €16.99 / (It's a bottle holder) €16.99 / €16.99

For the partay:

dealz halloween

Dealz, all €1.50




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