3 genius uses for makeup sponges to get the most out of them

Want to know how to get the most out of your makeup sponges? There's so much more they can do than just apply foundation.

If makeup brushes are your tried and true method for applying a perfect base, then sponges might seem a little bit pointless. But the new generation of makeup sponges are more useful than ever. So before you write them off completely, we have three alternative uses for them you might be interested in. From application to finishing touches, here are so new ways to get the most out of your sponges.

Contouring and Highlighting


Barely Cosmetic Sponges Definer Sponge €9.99

Makeup sponges are ideal for contouring and highlighting with liquid and cream products. We especially love the Barely Cosmetic Sponges Definer sponge which has a soft edge that fits underneath cheekbones to leave them perfectly defined (€9.99). Alternatively, the Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge (€7.99) helps to smooth product into the skin for a soft, natural finish.


Soft Blush

Nothing says 'healthy complexion' quite the same way as a soft blush across cheeks, and sponges are one of the best ways to achieve that. Simply use them to dab and blend creamy or liquid blusher for a dewy, fresh finish. And if you accidentally apply too much? Use the clean side of the sponge and a touch of concealer to buff it away.


Finishing Touches

Makeup sponges are great for giving your complexion those final, red carpet worthy finishing touches. One of our favourite tips is to spray the sponge with a setting spray. Then pat and roll the sponge across skin to help set the powder and foundation to give your base an airbrushed finish that lasts for hours on end. This technique can also work well for helping to set creamy eyeshadows too (if you use a small sponge, like these ones from Essence).

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