3 Red Hot Lipsticks to Try This Weekend

Who doesn't love a good red lipstick? It's such a classic after all, isn't it? Whether you wear it because you want to channel a little Marilyn Monroe wiggle, find your inner Audrey Hepburn or add a bit of modern pop star chic á la Taylor Swift, red lipstick is basically the LBD of the make-up world. And once you find the one that works for you, you're sorted (unless they discontinue it of course...).

I once read that during World War II, nurses in the armed forces were required to wear red lipstick as part of their uniform. Apparently there were two main reasons for this; the first was because it was believed that the colour red had a "calming" effect on the wounded soldiers (hmm, I think you'll find it's more likely to have the opposite effect!) and the other reason? To remind everyone that they were women first and military second. Now, I'm not 100% certain that that was the case in all the armed forces but it's an interesting little tid bit I thought I'd share considering we're talking lipstick today.

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I still remember the very first red lipstick I ever bought; I was about 14, which, if we were judging by todays standards would make me seriously late to the party considering how savvy teens/tweens are today about make-up. The lipstick in question was a Clarins one and I marvelled at the packaging, how true and vibrant the shade was a just how velvety and perfect it looked. Sadly it didn't look particularly good on me, and my dreams of looking like Courtney Love (my hero at the time) were well and truly dashed. Of course now I have lipsticks coming out of my ears (seriously, so, so many I'm beginning to think I've a slight problem) but that feeling is one I'll always remember.


Speaking of lipsticks, didn't I promise 3 red hot favourites to try out this weekend? Well, let's get to it! It's not an easy job but I've boiled it down to these guys and here's why:  Red 2 Collage


  • NARS Heatwave: A vibrant, matte tomato red lipstick that looks absolutely gorgeous with a tan (natural or otherwise) but also works well against pale, cool skin tones too. (€26)
  • Kate Moss for Rimmel #1: The first lipstick from her first collection and one of my favourites. This deep scarlet is perfect for anyone who likes the slightly more blue-toned reds. Also, this type of red makes your teeth look whiter, yay. (€6.99)
  • MAC Ruby Woo: Probably the most famous lipstick in the world, MAC's cult classic looks great on pretty much everyone I've ever used it on and lasts all night long. Add a touch of 8 hour cream or gloss on top if you want a sheen/satin finish. (€20)

Are you a fan of the above or do you have your own secret weapon?

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