3 things to know about wearing waterproof mascara

When it comes to waterproof mascara, there is most definitely a time and a place for it. Weddings, funerals and long events such as festivals to name a few.

But, should you be wearing it every day? In my opinion, no. Here are three things you should know about waterproof mascara.

  • It will dry out your lashes

Although it is excellent for certain occasions, using waterproof mascara on a continual basis will dry out your lashes. We all know what happens to hair when it's dry - breakage. If you are an avid user of waterproof, you might notice your lashes are somewhat short and refuse to grow.

Try introducing a lash serum into your routine to make them softer and stronger and switch to a non-waterproof formula. Give it a month of this combination, and you won't recognise your lashes.

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  • There is an alternative...

A water resistant formula is just as long-lasting as a waterproof one, but it's much easier on the lashes as it contains fewer drying components. And it's much easier to remove leading to less lash breakage.

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  • You can wear every day, but you'll need an extra step

If you're intent on wearing a waterproof mascara every day, a lash primer will act as a protective barrier between your lashes and the harsh ingredients of a waterproof mascara. Make sure you choose one with hydrating ingredients like Vitamin E and Chamomile.



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