The best lash curlers for doll-like lashes

Lash curlers can make all the difference when it comes to how our eyes look. We've picked out the best to help create a doll-like, wide eyed effect.

Lash curlers are a tool that makeup artists can't live without. They make all the difference when it comes to how big your lashes (and eyes) look. But what about if you aren't a professional?

Lash curlers can be intimidating, or scary in the wrong hands. Even if those hands are your own. If you're nervous about trying them out, you can read my piece on how to use lash curlers here. Today though, it's all about the different types of curlers available. Form heated to mini, here are the best for getting a doll-like finish:




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These are the type that most people would recognise instantly. You can find them in budget, mid-range and luxe price ranges so whatever you're budget, there's something out there. The most well known lash curlers are the Shu Uemura ones which are excellent, but an insider industry secret is that the Shiseido ones are actually better. It's because they're slightly larger in size so can fit every lash in one go!




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Mini lash curlers are slightly trickier to find, but they are a godsend for anyone with short lashes. The best I've found are from MAC. The trick with these is to work in sections. Start from the inside of the eye, clamping small sections at a time, working outwards. The smaller shape helps to capture even the finest, straightest lashes.



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Heated lash curlers can make people run for the hills, but they're usually easier to use than traditional ones. The ones that look like a little tiny curling wand can be used before and after mascara to help push and coax lashes upwards.



Which kind of lash curler do you prefer?

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