3 expert tricks for lashes even Bambi would be envious of

Lashes can make so much difference when it comes to your overall makeup look. We've got three pro tips that'll give you fuller, longer lashes in no time.

Lashes can play a big roll in how your makeup looks when it's all put together. From creating a wide-eyed, doll-like effect, to grungy spikes to sexy, feline shapes. It's quite amazing how much of a difference they can make when defining our eyes. As a makeup artist, these kinds of technical elements are my stock in trade. And yes, sometimes I can get a little nerdy about it!

What most of us want is to have longer, fuller looking eyelashes that frame our eyes and make them stand out. Mascara can play a big role in that, but so too can false lashes. Below are three of my favourite tips for creating long, full lashes that even Bambi would be a little jealous of.



The first step to creating longer looking eyelashes is to curl them first. What this does is help to lift them from the root which helps to open up your eyes. Traditional curlers work best on clean eyelashes, but there are also heated mini wand curlers available too. These are great for adding a little lift once your mascara is on because all you have to do is push the lashes up from the bottom.

Curling your eyelashes first is also a great way to stop false and strip lashes from looking droopy or heavy. Usually, that tends to happen on the outer edges, which gives a sleepy-eyed effect.


Eyelash Booster Serums

There has been a boom in lash enhancing/growth serums and formulas over the past few years. This increase is probably due to the rise in popularity of extensions such as Mink and mini-perms. The theory behind a lot of the serums is to keep the delicate hairs hydrated, thereby preventing them from snapping prematurely. Some mascaras come with a conditioning serum included in the formula too such as Clarins Supra Volume which helps them to grow longer and fuller.

mascara on eyelashes

False Lashes

When it comes to making your eyelashes look instantly fuller and longer, there's nothing quite like a good strip lash. The most natural ones come with a finely threaded seam that will appear invisible when applied. The more dramatic ones usually have a slightly thicker band.

For a smooth application, I'd always recommend testing the size and shape of the lash against your eye before applying it. If you need to, use a small nail scissors to cut it to size. Then apply with glue as normal. If you're applying a strip lash after curling your lashes, it should sit evenly, and blend easily with your own natural eyelashes. But if it doesn't, apply it normally and then give it another curl to help it along.


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