Unexpected places you can - and should - wear highlighter

If you stayed up late to watch the Golden Globes you might have noticed the all round glow going on with a lot of the celebrities on the red carpet.

You are probably already aware of how to highlight your face and have watched numerous YouTube videos on how to do it. But when it comes to the rest of your body, have you ever thought to highlight?

I work on a huge number of weddings doing makeup and I highlight many parts of the body to make sure my brides aren't just glowing from the inside but also from the outside.

But where should you begin?

  • The Collar Bones

For this part, it's important to get your client or yourself to push your shoulders forward. That way your collar bones will be more evident and easier to find. Using your highlighter of choice, just dust over your collar bones.

  • Shoulders

When your shoulders are on show, there is nothing better than to emphasise that fact. Adding some highlighter to the spots where the light would naturally hit them will draw attention to them nicely.

  • Cleavage

Depending on the size of your chest, you may or may not want to highlight the cleavage area. Remember light and shiny tones will bring something out, and matte dark tones will reduce them.

  • Shoulder Blades

If you are choosing to showcase your back, then apply some highlighter to emphasise where the bones naturally protrude.

  • Legs

With the legs, I tend to use a liquid highlighter, or I add some of the powder to my moisturiser. This will showcase your muscle tone on your legs if you have them on show.

  • Hands and Arms

Just before you go out, add a highlight to the protruding bones along your forearm, elbow, wrists and hands to finish off your glowing goddess look.


You really don't have to be a celebrity to shine like one. Give yourself that Golden Globe Glow this 2017 and do let us know how you get on.

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