A religious experience: REN Frankincense Vitamin A/C/E Revitalising Body Cream


"You smell nice", said Himself approvingly after my shower the other day. Then he paused, sniffed again and said, with a touch of bewilderment, "You smell like church". "That'll be my frankincense body cream!" I replied, for it's true, REN's Frankincense Vitamin A/C/E Revitalising Body Cream does indeed have a touch of Midnight Mass to it.

Made with pro-vitamin A from beta carotene and vitamin C from Calabrian oranges, this cream also packs a punch when it comes to improving skin tone, firmness and elasticity. I normally take such claims with a pinch of salt, but after a few weeks of regular use, I'm really noticing the difference in how my skin looks. My upper arms are much smoother, my skintone looks much more even and my skin does look firmer. Frankincense and boswellia serrata oils also soothe and protect skin, so no more dry skin itching as the weather turns cooler.

As for the fragrance, don't worry if the mention of church has put you off. It's true that the frankincense note is there, but it's balanced by a lovely citrus note from the orange and it's actually a very light fragrance, which doesn't linger long, but is very enjoyable.


Priced at €45, this is not a cheap option and I might never have tried it if REN hadn't decided to include it as a gift with an online order. Now that I have, however, I may be inclined to treat myself to this from time to time, particularly during cold, dry weather. Definitely one for the Christmas list!

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