Ads you love to watch - rate them!

We gave ads a terrible time recently - because there are so many really, really annoying ones out there. (Read Maeve and her tiny babies: ads that drive me crazy). But there are so many good ones too.  And whether you like them or loathe them they get a reaction - and that means you'll remember the product.  The one I'm laughing my head off to at the moment is the Snickers-Joan Collins Diva advert - its frickin hilarious.

Obviously I have a thing for chocolate ads because I love these two - the Cadbury's gorilla and the weird eyebrow kids one.

Ads with hot men in them always work for me too.  My absolute favourite is THAT David Gandy one for Dolce & Gabbana.  The man is a god.


And of course there's always Fassbender. LOOK AT HIM! He's ride-alicious.

So spill!  Tell us the ads you love!

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