Ah here now: coffeeberry. Another case of uncannily youthful hands discovered

Jays there's no end of super berries and super foods pouring out of the Amazon and other exotic areas is there?

Acai Berries, Goji Berries and all the rest of the lads are berries so crammed with health giving miracles and antiaging benefits it's a wonder anyone has ever died in the Amazon region at all.

Coffeeberry though is just... well er... the berry of coffee.  Now coffee has been used in skincare for a long time - caffeine is a common enough ingredient in eyecreams for example.  But coffeeberry is SO MUCH BETTER!  It's a million times stronger than blueberries, a trillion times more potent than grapeberries and well a zillion times stronger than all the other berries - combined.  Ok I may be exaggerating - but only slightly.

Still, even if I believed all this hyperbole about health benefits why would that make this ingredient so wonderful for skincare?

Well my friends, it's yet another case of the extraordinarily youthful hands of workers:


 "The interest in CoffeeBerry® Whole Fruit Extract arose because, in spite of working in a tropical, sun-drenched environment, the hands and forearms of coffee harvesters appeared unusually smooth and younger-looking"

Amazing!  Well not really - we've heard this a time or ten before.  Read Skin care science - there's always a hand story for more tales of these remarkable discoveries.

Still not convinced by this wonder skin care ingredient?  Then the illustration below will do nothing to help out.  It's the wording below that has stunned me into silence. Not an actual patient!   Hair will also become grey and lacklustre too, you'll notice, if you fail to use this skincare range.

I think I'll rely on my morning coffee to give me that wakeup call rather than this.  But give me your thoughts!  How seriously do you take hyperexcited skin care claims?

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