Ace Apivita: a mask for all seasons


Kirstie's been telling you all about our new found love for Apivita. And those tempting little packets of Apivita Express have been calling out to me in their tiny foil voices too.

I quickly became endeared to the principle of having lots of different types of mask. Your skin needs different treatment for various reasons. If you bought a mask for every single one of these needs, you'd (a) spend a fortune and (b) have loads of tubes of face mask drying up in your bathroom cabinet. So I'm liking these single use sachets very much indeed. Here's how they came in handy at the weekend.

Pre night out
On Saturday evening before I went out I gave my skin a quick blast of the yummy Revitalizing Face mask with Orange I read on the back of the sachet that it 'tones the skin, offering radiance, revitalization and relaxation.'
Verdict: a perfect pick me up for tired skin. I was ready for an evening of sparkling conversation and perhaps one or two spritzers.


Post night out
Oh dear. Despite my best resolutions I awake *slightly* the worse for wear. Ok, I was bleedin dying. Reaching for the Alka Selzer I also picked up an Apivita on the way to the shower. (So handy!). This one was the Aqua Plus Face Mask with Cucumber. Deeply moisturising and soothing it was exactly what I needed. Along with a mug of tea and scrambled egg on toast I was almost cured.

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