Irish Owned Beauty Brands We're Obsessed With

Making a conscious effort to support local? We've picked six Irish owned beauty brands that are worth the hype.

When it comes to beauty, Ireland is a haven for innovative brands with top quality products. For such a small country, the range is very impressive. As many of us are making the shift to support local, this should absolutely extend to beauty products too. The full list of Irish owned beauty brands is absolutely huge. There are well-known names such as SOSU by Suzanne Jackson and Carter Beauty, as well as plenty of up and coming ones.

We've picked the Irish beauty brands we're really excited about right now. Whether you want to focus on high-quality ingredients, sustainability or just a flawless product, there is something for everyone on this list.

1. Sculpted by Aimee

If you haven't heard of Aimee Connolly, we're pleased to introduce you. She's one of Ireland's best-known makeup artists and has collaborated with Beaut for our Boots Beauty Insider series. 'Sculpted by Aimee' was founded in 2016 and products include face palettes, brushes, and tan. We love this range as it focuses on the building blocks of all great beauty looks: a subtle and long-lasting base. The colours are full of rose golds and shimmering bronzes - the ones which always get used up first on a palette. The current range focuses mainly on skin and lips, but with the popularity it has gained already, we're hoping some eye products will be available soon.

Irish Owned Beauty Brand: Sculpted by Aimee @sculptedbyaimee


2. Nima Brush

Sticking to the theme of beauty basics, it doesn't get more integral than a solid set of makeup brushes. Nima Brush is an award-winning Irish owned brand that sells every type of makeup brush you can think of: foundation, contour, eyes. They're completely vegan-friendly and made to last which is why we love this brand! A makeup brush that loses its shape before its time is frustrating. Better to invest in a set that will last years instead. With most individual brushes falling between the €10-€15 mark, it's extremely affordable too. This Irish beauty brand has been going since 2012, and it's deserved every award and positive review it's picked up along the way.

Irish Owned Beauty Brand: Nima Brush @nimabrush


3. Pestle & Mortar

If you're all about skincare ingredients, Pestle & Mortar is the Irish owned beauty brand for you. One of its co-founders is Sonia Deasy, a mother of five and a powerhouse of a businesswoman. She created the brand in response to a need for simple, hydrating skincare products that suit all skin types. Focusing on quality over quantity, this range includes moisturisers, serums and cleansers. If you're looking to slow down the signs of ageing and get a healthy glow (who isn't?), these products genuinely work wonders.

Pestle & Mortar @pestleandmortarcosmetics



4. Aliso Organic Beauty

Aliso Organic Beauty started out in 2019 with a natural, chemical-free lip balm and has grown from there. Now, this Irish beauty brand offers eyeliner, face oil and beauty tools. That's an impressive selection for such a new name. With Aliso Organic Beauty, it's guaranteed that there are no nasty ingredients that could do more harm than good. The lip balms and scrub are the perfect products to help you through winter to keep dry and chapped lips at bay.

Irish Owned Beauty Brand: Aliso Organic Beauty @alisobeauty


5. We Are Paradoxx

Belfast based haircare brand 'We Are Paradoxx' are leading the way when it comes to sustainable beauty products. Their huge range of hair products and tools are centred around "clean, conscious beauty" and are up to 90% plastic-free. Opting instead for aluminium packaging that is much easier to recycle and reuse. One product even comes in a hip flask container, a subtle nod to its Irish roots! The inside of the bottles are just as pleasing, with a great selection of shampoos, masks, sprays and more. The products do exactly as promised, de-frizz the hair whilst leaving it smooth and full of shine. This is why it has to be included as one of the best Irish owned beauty brands.

We Are Paradoxx @weareparadoxx


6. AYU

'AYU' is an Irish beauty brand that covers all of your cosmetic needs. Set up by makeup artist Suzie O'Neill, each product contains a handy step by step guide on how to use it. This is what AYU is all about, small extras that make a big difference. Instead of offering singular lip products, you get a kit that contains a liner, lipstick and gloss. This is why Irish women are raving about this brand. We're excited to see them expand their range.

Irish Owned Beauty Brand: AYU @ayumakeupireland


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