Should I apply concealer before or after foundation?

Should you apply concealer before or after foundation? There is a simple answer to this question that still gets asked all the time.

We've given our opinion on the best concealer for spots and the best concealer for under the eyes. Now, let us answer the question to the age-old question: concealer before or after foundation?

Nobody likes the answers to most makeup questions. That's because the answer is never straightforward. Makeup is an art and there are almost no rules. So, most of the time the answer is that it depends on the situation. It depends on your preference. It depends on what look you are trying to achieve. However, as a makeup artist in any one situation, there is usually a definitive choice. When it comes to concealer, before or after foundation there is a general rule with exceptions.

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Should you apply your concealer before or after your foundation? In my professional opinion, nine times out of ten, you should apply concealer after foundation. There is a simple reason for applying concealer after. When you apply your foundation with your weapon of choice, you will find that most of your blemishes are somewhat covered. With this first layer on you can see any marks or discolorations that actually need that extra layer of concealer.


You can then go on to spot conceal any areas that look like they need extra coverage. Concealer is extra coverage, so I like to use it sparingly. The ideal skin will look natural and perfect with as little makeup as possible. If you go in with concealer before your foundation, you could be applying it where you don't need it. This just adds unnecessary thickness to your finished look.

The exceptions to the rule are in cases where you need to use a colour correction technique. If you are using green, violet or peach concealers you will use them before your foundation. You might also apply concealer before your foundation to a pigmentation mark or severe undereye circles.

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