This is probably the best spot concealer in the world

When a big red one rears its horrible head, you need a good spot concealer to cover that sucker up.

Yesterday, I told you about what I consider to be the best concealer for under eyes. But what is the best concealer for spots? The main thing it needs is a heavy consistency. When the skin is red, it needs good pigment to cover it. The second thing that helps, especially with a raised spot, is that the concealer dries matte. That way it will stick and stay in the area you applied it.

My favourite concealer for spots has to be MAC Select Cover-Up. It ticks all the boxes mentioned and it doubles up as an amazing eyeshadow base keeping your eye makeup on all day and night long. And we all know how I feel about multi-functional products.

MAC Select Cover-Up €19 - €21

My top tip for this is to apply it to your spot with a clean fluffy brush in a soft clockwise direction. Try to imagine you are beating a tiny egg. Let it air dry before powdering. You can do this before your foundation as the product dries matte and will stay put once you have given it time to dry.

Do you know of a better spot concealer? We want to hear about it! Vote for your fave in the Beaut Awards 18!

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