Are you making these mistakes when curling your hair?

Are you making these mistakes when curling your hair? There are a few little rules that will help you on your way to perfect curls.

Curling your hair is one of those things you are either good at or you can't do it. There's no in between. Once you get the hang of it, though, it's really easy and you'll get really good at it. You'll also find you'll get really fast at it. At the moment, if you feel like a contortionist with a hair wand, you're missing out on a technique.

We have a few little golden rules that will help you on your way to the perfect soft curls. If you're breaking the rules and making these mistakes they will make your curling technique very awkward and more difficult than it should be. Choose your weapon wisely, too. You need to figure out if you are more comfortable with a wand, a GHD or another type of curling apparatus.

curling your hair

Not curling the ends

This faux pas usually happens if you are using a curling tongs or a wand. Basically, if you don't wrap the length of the hair all the way to the ends you will end up with untidy looking curls. They might be sleek through the length but if the ends aren't curled they will stick out in all directions.


Angles are everything

By angles, I mean the angle at which the top of the curl hits the curling tool. You need to smooth it on to the iron. Make sure you don't hold the hair to the tool at a right angle or you can leave a kink or a dent it the top of the curl. If your curls aren't smooth from the top, again, they will look untidy.

Curls in the wrong direction

This is another technique that you need to be aware of. It's really simple, you wrap the curl around the styling tool away from your face. All the curls will go in the same direction. I usually curl the back of my head first and work my way to the front. Section your hair into two. And wrap each curl around the wand in the same direction away from your face and towards the back of your head.

Do you struggle when curling your hair or are you a pro at it?

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