Behold the most expensive hair styler in the world (it's very, very gold)

What would you do with a 18K gold hair straightener? Frame it and hang it over your loo like a useful Oscar?

ghd is releasing an extremely exclusive hair straightener worth over £1,000 on 19th February, but even if you could afford to splash the cash, you actually need a golden ticket to get one.

The fanciest of fancy ghd is really 18K in that is is actually made with real gold. Only 70 have been made, with 10 available in the UK and Ireland.

Because of the fanciness, they're not on sale; to nab one, you have to buy one of the new ghd gold stylers (not made from real gold, but still real purty), and hope that a golden ticket is residing in the box.  10,000 boxes of the new tool will contain tickets, and if you find one, you'll have to register it online to see if you're a winner.


The ghd gold 18k styler is very impressive, featuring new technology like a heat up time of 25 seconds, automatic sleep mode, a new, modernised design for snag-free styling and 'dual zone technology' for premium performance. And the good news is this tech is also featured in the not 18K gold ghd, which, I'm sure you'd like to know is a much more affordable €169. Yay! The only (big) difference is that the 18K version has a gold pivot cap, and it comes with a certificate of authenticity, a luxury presentation box and a leather heat resistant roll-bag.

The gold ghd's will be on sale from February 19th in ghd stockists.

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