The best paddle brushes for knot and tangle-free hair

Paddles brushes are long hairs' best friend. We've picked out some of the best for a knot-free life.

Paddle brushes are great for keeping tangles at bay and giving hair a smoother overall finish. But with so many on the market, how's a girl to choose? Not to worry, we've done the hard work and sifted through the crummy ones to find the best of the best.

First, though, I'll start at the beginning. Long hair was something I dreamed of as a little girl. You see, growing up in the '80s, my Mum ensured I had the ubiquitous pudding bowl bob. To be fair, we all had it, whether it suited us or not. Because apparently, it's easy to look after (and cut chewing gum out of, etc). Even now it's hard to distinguish individual children from our school pictures. For example, this isn't me below - but it totally could be.


It wasn't until I was seven that I was finally allowed to grow it out. And grow it out I did. Fast forward a few years later and I could sit on my hair. Of course, with no knowledge of how to look after it, it was basically a bush. Conditioner wasn't really a thing in our house in the early '90s. But we live and learn.

Fast forward a couple of decades more, bypassing some regrettable choices; unflattering pixie crops; asymmetric fringes; pink, blue and orange streaks... and my hair is long again. But this time, I've learned how to look after it!

Here are four of my all-time favourites for a tangle-free existence:


ghd paddle brushes


GHD Paddle Brush €24

Unfortunately, I'm not blessed with a huge mop of hair, but rather lots of fine hair, which inevitably means tangles. This glides easily through hair to leave it knot free, and most importantly - without ripping half of it out in the process.

Moroccan Oil

Paddle brushes

Moroccan Oil Paddle Brush €17.58 via

Another brush that's gentle on both hair and scalp. It also helps to tame frizziness when blow drying too. I also love that there's a little sectioning tool hidden in the handle.


paddle brushes denman

Denman Paddle Brush €11.99

A great high street option, this durable brush from Denman works well on any hair type from fine to full and everything in between.


Are you a fan of paddle brushes too?

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