ARGH! Stop Texting me! Salons Who are Text Happy - and You Never Said it was OK


Gosh I'm awful cross recently: grumpy about product prices, let down by crappy salon manicures and oh look, here's another source of current ire: salons who add you to their SMS lists without a) asking your permission or b) giving you any option at all to be removed.

As far as I know this is illegal, not to mention DEEPLY BLOODY ANNOYING. If I fill out a consultation card in a beauty salon and it asks for my contact information, I am definitely not expressly giving that salon the right to spam me with irritating offers and messages when they feel like it, especially when that is not made clear on any form I've ever filled out. Everywhere else provides opt-out tickboxes, so why can't salons follow suit?

And what's worse about a lot of these texts is there is also no opt-out at the end of the message so I hit reply and say 'remove me', and the next week I get another fabulous offer I never asked for by text. Sigh.


Salons - it's good to embrace new marketing techniques and keep your brand recognition up, but this is not the way to engage in a 'modren fashion'. It is quite simply 100% not on to contact clients like this if you never gave them clear and precise information that this is what you intended to do with their phone number. It's doubly rubbish if you effectively keep them captive on your text lists and refuse them the right to leave. Here's a hint: they won't be your clients for long.

Anyone else irritated by this? Tell us in a comment!

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