Armani Rouge Ecstasy CC Lipstick: Drop the CC, Keep the Lipstick

Armani have a history of seriously good lipsticks. Their colour ranges are vast and they're known for innovative formulations. This delicious new range meets every expectation you'd have of an Armani lipstick, but makes some interesting claims that I don't think it can quite live up to. Enter the scrummy Rouge Ecstasy CC Lipsticks (€28). Yes, CC. Yes, lipsticks.

armani rouge ecstasy image

The BB moniker made me confused and tired; the concept of CC just makes me disgruntled. However, I have to forgive Armani for buying into trendy lingo because this range is too dreamy to hold a grudge against.

This lipstick comes in thirty-six gloriously pigmented shades. The CC terminology claims that this lipstick is pigment, nourishing balm and lip liner all in one.

It does indeed feel very softening on the lips. However, there is a balmy element to this so it isn't completely opaque, though it is buildable to almost total opacity. The texture is unique - it contains a lot of grip, even though it's quite emollient, so it is supposed to replace lip liner and not run or feather into the skin around your lips. However, having tested this, it does disappointingly still need liner in the red and darker shades - It does feather.  So  it doesn't live up to all its high filutin' CC claims. Lip liner, it ain't.


This shortcoming doesn't entirely bother me because with strong colours I just see liner as a necessity. However, the fact that Armani are claiming you can wear all of the range without liner when you can't is irritating.

Also, because it isn't matte, you will need to top it up - it tends to disappear from the centre of your lips after a while. However the texture is rich and lustrous - it has a deliciously deep, shiny finish that makes you feel that you're wearing something luxurious and titillatingly fancy.rouge ecstasy

The packaging is the traditionally robust, magnetic plastic container with that luxe magnetic click that lovingly houses all the Armani lipstick and the Rouge Ecstasy version is is standout red.

The three I have to show you are a Pop (300), a bright coral, Four Hundred (400), a signature red, and Night Viper (602) a deep brown purple with the best name I've ever encountered (see them above in the bullet). They're all lovely in their various ways.

armani rouge ecstasy image2


If you're fussy about smells, you might find the fact that these smell like fresh laundry a bit strange. It's a lovely scent in a scented candle, but a bit weird on your lips.  Overall though, I have to say that I like them a lot.

What do you think of these? And are you tired of baffling trendy language - BB, CC - What!?  And is there any need for it with such a luxe range that can sell itself without the CC tag?

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