Ask Beaut: How To Apply False Lashes Like a Pro

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Today's question to our Beauty Editor is all about mastering the fine art of lash application.

Fifi asks:


I have a question that occurred to me while browsing one of your lovely fashion galleries – it’s nearly party season proper, and I am all about the statement eye this year. That entails smokey looks but what I’d love to be able to do is a really huge eyelash when I am concentrating more on the lip. Trouble is I have never been able to master false eyelashes; strips, individual ones, cheap ones or better quality, they have never ever lasted more than ten minutes on my lid! Is there any way you could do a tutorial on this?
Fifi "

Hi Fifi,

The lash application can be a tricky process. But there are a few tips that will help you along the way. I will do a video on this after Christmas, but for now, it will have to be a written tutorial.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you curl your lashes, the natural lash is usually a lot straighter than the false ones. It's easier to slot them into your own when they are the same shape as your own.

The next thing to do is to get a hand mirror and sit with it on your knees. You will have more eye space to work with when you are looking down into the mirror.

Next, measure the false lashes along your own to make sure they aren't too long. If they are, trim them to fit your own.


The glue you use is extremely important. Sometimes the glue that comes with certain lashes isn't strong enough. I always use Duo glue (you can get this in most pharmacies).

large duo adhesive

Coat the track line and a small bit of the underside of the false lashes with a Q-tip . At this stage, you need to wait until the glue starts to go tacky because it will not stick until it does.

Once it becomes tacky, place it on top of your lashes, still looking down into the mirror. Use your thumb and index finger to pinch your own lash and the false lash together.

I usually apply another layer of lash glue like a liquid liner on top of the lashes so they don't budge. Using a Q-tip with glue on it, I run it over the top of the lash line, and I wipe it away with the clean side of the q-tip. It's normal that the glue goes on white, so don't panic if it looks messy. The glue dries clear, so you will know when it's dry.

To finish, blend your own lashes and the false lashes together with black mascara.

The main thing is to take your time, break it down into small achievable steps, and prep your lashes for the shape to be the same as the false ones.

Give it a go this festive season, and let me know how you get on.


Are you a falsie fan? Will you give them a go this festive season?

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