Ask Beaut: Pro tips to prevent eye shadow creasing

It's Monday and that means that it's time for Ask Beaut where we answer all your wonderful beauty dilemmas.

This week, Dee asks:

"Hi Aisling, 

Every time I wear eye shadow, it starts to crease. It doesn't matter which brand I buy or how expensive it is, after a few hours it starts to go weird and eventually crease. It gets worse in the sun, and I'm going to Ibiza next week, where all my friends will be wearing makeup. I don't want to be the only one who can't. Is there anything I can do?"


Hi Dee,

Don't worry we will find a solution for you! It sounds to me like you may have oily eye lids so the best solution is to use a combination of products. This layering process will help your eye shadow to stay put.

First start by dusting your eye area with a light reflective powder. I like Vicky derma blend.


vichy dermablend setting powder 28 gr


Following that, use a paint pot which is a long lasting water resistant cream eye shadow. Mac is my favourite, and Painterly is the one closest to skin tone, and is most versatile as you can use both dark and light shades over it. But there are a variety of colours to choose from in the range so if you always wear a dark colour on your lid, you might find a darker one better.

mac glitter and ice paint pots

Finally apply your shadow of choice. But when your doing so, use a flat brush and a good amount of product and press it in to the paint pot. You can then blend out the edges with your fluffy brush and transition shade.


Hope that helps Dee, let me know how you get on and have a ball in Ibiza.

Ais x

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