Ask & You Shall Receive - is Armani Good for Sensitive Skin?

Lynda contacted us with a query about Armani cosmetics. She has dry and sensitive skin and for years has been using both the Clinque make-up & skin care ranges. A beautician recently told her that Armani's range is specifically for people with dry & sensitive skin. She wants to know if we had heard anything about Armani cosmetics or if any of our readers have, and what did they think?

Yup, we've blogged about Armani cosmetics a few times and they've always had mixed reactions. I've never heard this claim that it's a brand specifically for dry and sensitive skin myself though, and in fact, as their foundations tend to be of the luminous variety, that generally means perfect skin need only apply. We had a reader recently who had a very so so experience with their Luminous Silk foundation, and as it's an oil free product, not so good for stressed, dry skin I would think, as it'll just make dry skin even dryer. But they do have a foundation product called Hydra Glow, which is suitable for your skin type, so this may be what your beautician was recommending.


Try La Roche Posay instead, perhaps? They're a fab French brand who do very good skincare and make up products for people with reactive and sensitive skins, and they have the excellent advantage of being far more widely available than Armani too, which you can only get in BT's in Dublin. You should be able to easily pick up La Roche Posay products in chemists nationwide.

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