At Easter all thoughts turn to bunnies: The Body Shop recruit Leona Lewis for new campaign

Here at, we love animals. Cats, dogs, bunnies, slow lorises eating rice balls - we just want to cuddle and snuggle and love them all. And obviously, we love beauty.  So although we write about all kinds of cosmetics, naturally we love when beauty products don’t hurt our furry friends. (Have a look at our Ethical and Organic section to read about more brands that we've reviewed.)   Animal testing is truly horrifying - a quick Google image search will confirm that, though I would advise you not to do it unless you have a strong stomach.

The Body Shop has always been one of the leading names in cruelty-free beauty (though of course their parent company L’Oreal is not), so it’s no surprise to hear that they’re upping the ante and looking to ban animal testing worldwide.

Earlier this month the EU fully enacted a 2004 ruling banning animal testing within the 27 member states. While The Body Shop are pleased with this result, they are searching for one million signatures in support of banning animal testing globally. You can sign the pledge in store or on the website, Go on, sign - save the bunnies!


The Body Shop’s new “brand activist” (yup, me neither) is Leona Lewis, she of X Factor - and ear-splitting high note - fame. Leona had a go at designing her own cruelty free makeup collection, available from April 4th.

The range consists of some very pink eyeshadows, lip glosses and shimmer compacts and if you’re into the uber-sweet look it’ll be right up your street.

My favourite item would probably be the super cute flower-shaped blush brush - made of man-made hair, naturally.  Just look at it!

Will you be signing the petition?

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