Essentials you need for you autumn wardrobe

As our summer comes to an end it might be a good time to think about your autumn wardrobe.

Warmer and darker tones. Boots and tights. Maybe even a big chunky scarf.

Some people love moving into the cooler seasons and all that it entails.

What autumn essentials should you start with?


You just can’t go wrong with a good pair of boots to last you through the colder months. However, when it comes to boots, it is absolutely quality over quantity. It is better to have one pair that will last you than 5 pairs that won’t! Boots are so versatile, they can be worn with skirts, tights and skirts, dresses or even dressed down with a pair of jeans. Whatever the occasion this autumn, boots will always work!



When it comes to autumn, layering is one of my favourite aspects. Cardigans, denim jackets or even a thick scarf. Because the weather can be a little changeable during the autumn layers are a great option. If it unexpectedly gets a little warmer you can easily take a layer off, or if it gets a little cooler you could have a scarf in the bag just in case.

A good quality coat

An expensive coat will last. You might even find that an expensive coat may last you years. Again, always choose quality over quantity. Remember depending on the occasion, a coat can really make an outfit. Everything else can stay quite minimal while a coat can really act as a statement piece.

Transitional Dresses


With almost all dresses there is the possibility to adapt them to just about anything. Bear this in mind when buying a dress, could you wear it with tights and boots now that it is a little too cool for bare legs? Perhaps a cardigan or even a jumper over it for when it gets really cool.

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