B never to busy to be beautiful

Enter a world of gorgeousness. All you need to beautify, pamper and treat yourself in one delicious package. No matter how little time you think you have, this cornucopia of heaven-scent fragrances and magical make-up will prove you are never too busy to be beautiful.

Straight from Covent Garden, this is a gorgeous range which rings all my bells. Natural and organic, cruelty free, quite a few products marked as vegan, which of course sends it right up my approval chart for starters. And brilliant names for the ranges - tounge in cheek, irreverant and above all fun! The bath range is big and comes a callin' as Cocktail, Ladyboy, Dirty and Keep it Fluffy.

It's not been tested by moi yet - just wanted to give you the heads up - wait for my product reviews!


As an added bonus - they also sell Lush on this site!

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