BaByliss Ponytail Wrap: Review & Pictures

babyliss hair wrap


Well, blow me down with a feather and colour me all kinds of surprised because I blimmin' love this, and I'm reeeaallly not into fake bits of hair at all (check the time me and Aisling tried some Hairspray options on for size and ended up making Merkins out of 'em).

Browsing around Boots last week - honestly, I should just get all my income piped directly into their bank account - I picked up this little feller to try on for size. It's the Babyliss Pony Tail Wrap, €6.50, and I got it in dark brown - it also comes in blonde and a medium brunette shade. I wear my hair up a lot and when I do a sleek - or, er, as sleek as I ever get, which isn't very - ponytail, I thought it'd be nice to use it to cover the elastic bobbin. Earnest stylists are always advocating wrapping a strand of hair and pinning it as a bobbin disguise, but jaysis that's hassle.

Whereas this, well this is a piece of piss, quite frankly.

magnetised ponytail wrap


It's magnetised, so no risk of ruining your do as you put it on, and it has two widths, so you can adjust it depending on the fatness of your 'tail.  I don't think I'm going to need to give you a thorough run through of how you use this - it's pretty self-explanatory: you snap it open, put it around the hair and it closes itself because the magnets are really strong.

pony tail wrap

About the only downside of this is the fact that because it's synthetic it'll possibly show up looking different to your normal hair under a camera flash due to being more reflective - but it's not a huge hank of gruaig, so fingers crossed won't be massively noticeable.

pony tail wrap in the hair

Pic taken with flash - this is a good match for my almost-but-not-quite-black barnet and while it's smoother looking and shinier under flash, because it's small, the difference isn't too obvious. I, er, hope.


All-in-all, deadly. Delighted with this and I resolve to take it off the next time and not let it migrate down to the end of the bed where himselfs toes will find it and be horrified and repulsed as to what the hell is in the leaba with him.

Have you tried these clever fellers?

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