In praise of the Babyliss Big Hair: Bad Hair Life made immeasurably better

Got long hair? Check.

Got unmanageable hair that has a mind of its own? Check.

Got hair that can only be tamed by a professional hairdresser? Check.

That's all my boxes checked and they all add up to one horrible bad hair LIFE.  Forget Bad Hair Day - I scoff in the face of such triviality.

See this is something that you don't "get" unless your hair is a major pain in the arse.  And from the amount of people that I've spoken to about their hair, that's most of us.

"Cut it to make it more manageable" is the suggestion I get.  But I know from experience that this just leaves me with slightly shorter wild unmanageable hair.  So that's kind of out.

"Learn how to blow dry it properly yourself"  is another suggestion.  Were they mad?  I'm really lazy and my hair is really long  - it takes hours to blowdry and even then is still crap looking.  It was never going to happen.


So by the time the Big Hair came into my life I'd kind of given up hope of anything ever working.  But when I had a go of this and used it to do my hair I was quite honestly amazed. Forget the Big Hair name - it doesn't really give you big hair.  What it does is smooth and shine and give a bit of root lift.

And the crucial bit:  it's really easy!

  1. Put your normal serum/leave in conditioner through wet hair (if you use it)
  2. Leave your hair until it's half dry (you can blast it with the hairdryer to rough dry if you like or just leave it to dry naturally)
  3. Press the rotating button on the Big Hair so that it's rotating away from you and run it through hair section by section
  4. It dries as it goes and smooths and sleekifies
  5. And that's er it!
Your hair won't tangle in the brush don't worry - the bristles are really short and soft.  If you want to get fancy you can learn how to use it to curl and do other tricksy things

We've talked about the Big Hair a time or five on the site before (Lynnie got one last Christmas and loved it) but we're always being asked about it.  We'd recommend it.  It's brill.

It costs €50-€60 quid (or thereabouts).  You can usually get it on sale and it's cheaper to buy online.  It will save you the initial outlay in the first month if you're a regular in the salon for blowdries.


Have you got one?  What do you make of it?

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