Babyliss Curl Secret Review And Pics: Makes Curling Poker Straight Hair Super Easy

In the time honoured tradition of women wanting a different hair type to the one nature has dealt them, I spend quite a bit of time wishing my poker straight, limp locks were wavy and voluminous for a polished hippy chic look.

Since wishing has proved an ineffective styling tool, the results of rollers don't last jig time on me, and I have yet to use a straighteners or curling tongs without inflicting a burn to my skin, I thought I'd give something else a whirl.


The Babyliss Curl Secret is the consumer version of the Pro Perfect Curl that I was calving about back in March. It's essentially the same product and does basically the same thing, drawing small sections of hair into a central chamber and curling it with zero effort, but this version is a bit cheaper.

And, erm, it's aubergine rather than black. Switt swoo, I guess.

There are two heat settings and three timer settings to cater to various hair types and create different curl effects, and Curl Secret automagically alternates between curling hair towards the face and away from it for a natural finish.

All of which sounds excellent and very nicely thought out, but I really only care about whether or not it works beautifully and justifies the hefty €159.99 pricetag.

Oooh, shiny Oooh, shiny

It's nowhere near as massive and unwieldy as I'd expected from photos online and the size of the box, and while it is a bit heavier than a ghd or a tongs I didn't get dead arm while using it. It was tough to do the back of my head, though, and I missed a couple of sections.

Still, it only took 25 minutes to complete my first attempt and that was without the endeavour having my undivided attention (I was simultaneously watching the newest episode of Breaking Bad and drinking a mug of tea, too.)

Even with the lowest heat and shortest timer settings, the head of the unit gets red roasting hot and I scorched my ear with it, which was an unexpected delight. I found the curls were a bit tight for my tastes and quite set looking immediately after use, but brushing them out gave me the loose waves I prefer – and even without fixing with hairspray, they lasted throughout the next day, too.

The morning after the night before The morning after the night before. Still wavy!


For speed and ease of use, the Babyliss Curl Secret is unquestionably a winner, but is it a must have?

I don't honestly think so. If you're already handy with another hot tool, I believe it would really be surplus to requirements.


If, on the other hand, you're like me and a bit crap with styling gizmos, forever crimping the tops of your ghd curls and never able to create even looking waves with a tongs, you might find it amazing.

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