Coming soon to a Wish List near you: Babyliss PRO Perfect Curl

As a gadget girl who's always searching for the easiest way to transform my poker straight locks into luscious, long-lasting waves, I nearly exploded with excitement on seeing this video. It shows the newly launched Babyliss PRO Perfect Curl in action and it makes getting perfect curls look as effortless as basically doing nothing at all.

Dry, combed hair is clamped into the central ceramic chamber of the device, which looks more like a jaws-of-death torture implement than a hair styler, then whoosh! It's hoisted into the chamber, stays there for a moment being heated evenly and getting its curl on, and unfurls into a spiral on release with nary a GHD-induced kink or burnt-by-the-wand ear in sight.

Variable temperature and timer settings together with curl direction control mean that you can achieve uniform or natural looking loose waves as well as soft or defined curls, at a temperature that suits your hair type.


The PRO Perfect Curl was originally slated to launch towards the end of last year, and concrete details of when its second coming will finally make it onto Irish shelves are harder to come by than hens teeth. Sally's and Capital Hair And Beauty are the only confirmed UK stockists to date, and I'm told they'll have it from the end of March when it will cost a fairly whopping £120 (+ VAT.) Both ship to Ireland - for a price - but hopefully we'll see it landing in Sally's and other stockists on native shores during April.

Best get saving!

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