Back to the Future: Butter me up - Body Shop Body Butter

Because of the day that's in it, our Back to the Future is about one of Anita Roddick's fantastic Body Shop products. The Body Butter range has been hugely popular (because it's brill) and since Kirstie wrote this post last year, new flavours like Pink Grapefruit have been added which are Simply Delicious.


This stuff is yum yum yum. It comes in a range of different flavours which include almond, satsuma, cranberry, strawberry, mango and olive. I have a Papaya one - it's delicious. It smells really creamy as well as fruity - in fact it smells like a Solero. Yum! And it works - the texture of this stuff is great. It's so thick it's practically stiff, and you can scoop it out with your fingers as opposed to squeezing it like you do with some body lotions. Slap it on, and your skin is moisturised and smells gorgeous. And because it's so thick and creamy you don't have to use loads.

A word of warning though - don't put this stuff on and then expect to get a pair of tights on yer legs - it's a no go. So I usually use it at night before bed, and then wake up with lovely soft skin in the morning.


You can buy body butters in Body Shop stores as well as in concessions you often find in chemists, and it costs about €16. And you'll be buying an ethical fairly traded product too - since 1995, The Body Shop has been buying cocoa beans from the Kuapa Kokoo company in Ghana, which is a fair trade co-operative with over 30,000 small-scale farmers. The money made by the co-operative enables the development of community projects. That'll be your good deed for the day so!


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