Bad news if you had hoped to nab Amy Huberman's IFTA dress

Seemingly, there is quite the waiting list for Amy's Umit Kutluk IFTA dress.


Speaking via The Independent, Grafton Academy graduate Kutluck said of his €1,885 dress: "It was very time-consuming. It’s made using French lace so it takes a lot of time to make it."

To put that into perspective; it takes somewhere in the region of "half a day just to hand-stitch one of the flowers."

Despite this, the Turkish-born designer has said dresses will be available from July, although they're in high demand thanks to Amy's stylist Ingrid Hoey nabbing it after she saw it in his studio: "She said ‘this is the dress for Amy’ and she took a picture of it and sent it on to her and she loved it. She tried it on and it fit her perfectly... People absolutely loved the dress. She looked amazing in it and we had lots of queries about it and lots of really good feedback. The publicity has been great."

The article states that Kutluck "has been been inundated with queries about the floral couture dress." In short, we can dream.

Huberman, meanwhile, was busy filling in her census form last night along with the rest of us, and she had quite the pressing issue on her hands. Namely to declare the tooth fairy that has access to their house or not. Here was one helpful suggestion from a commenter: "Usually resident, but absent on census night."

Declare or not on the census?

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