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head and shoulders

Despite it being a product that hairdressers use to strip unwanted colour out of their clients hair, Head & shoulders has inexplicably been awarded Cosmopolitan magazine readers' favourite shampoo of 2006! And if that hasn't surprised you, then this will:

In an independent survey of over 10,000 consumers, head & shoulders was voted Product of the Year 2007 for best conditioner - !!! By WHO!? They say that their range of conditioners features a breakthrough formula (a break-off formula more like) that maintains the unbeatable anti-dandruff protection of their shampoos while giving you beautifully soft, silky, conditioned hair.


Harrum. Do any of you use it regularly and think it's head and shoulders above the rest? I will confess to using it on occasion because I'm such a fan of using Batiste and hairspray in my hair, and that tends to give me the auld bit of dandruff every now and then. So every 5 or 6 washes I might throw a bit of H&S at it. It's Kerastase all the way the rest of the time though!

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