Balls make surprise appearance in Britain's Got Talent: rate your wardrobe malfunctions

So I admit it - I have an unhealthy love for all programs which involve the dastardly Simon Cowell. Whole hungover Sundays can go by while I watch American Idol repeats, X Factor, X Factor extra (or whatever it's called) and the rest of them.

But at the moment it's the turn of Britain's Got Talent - and they're on to the live shows at present.

Which means there is tremendous scope for all sorts of things to go wrong.

And the other night when a contestant's balls fell out of his shorts during a particularly vigorous rendition of Lets Get Physical it was a moment that can never be repeated.

In fact Daiseeboo felt so ill when I mentioned it she was sorry she'd just had meatballs for dinner.


"We apologise to the viewers watching in high def" said Ant (or Dec) barely keeping a straight face. "You really can see everything".

Whitney Houston had her wardrobe malfunction on X Factor live but to be honest it happens to the best of us doesn't it?

Whether it's boobs falling out of dresses, knickers that suddenly decide to glow through your black trousers, a skirt which suddenly becomes way shorter than you'd ever imagined every time you sit down or shoes with heels that suddenly decided to snap off we've all been there. It's a total nightmare - but there isn't a woman alive that hasn't suffered a wardrobe malfunction at some time.

Unburden yourself! Tell us yours

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