Banishing That Blemish - What's Your Go-To Spot Blaster?

When I stepped outside my front door today to face my morning walk to work I felt the first blast of the winter chill and as I mentioned in today's Blather, I liked it. Controversial, I know!

Autumn is a lovely season, with the leaves changing colour, the unexpected warm days that call to you for park-frolicking, hot apple cider, new coats and gloves and scarves but - it tends to play havoc with the skin.

Whether your skin is delicate as a butterfly's wings or tough as steak the way your granny used to cook it, it gets a raw deal when the seasons change. Autumn is particularly harsh; I had to brush my lips with a hot curling brush last night (aka a soft toothbrush) to tackle the dryness.

Another horrid effect of the seasonal change is break-outs. I have a stinker of a spot above my lip at the moment, one of those stingy, sore, green tipped beauties. A few months ago I would have reached for firm favourite, Sudocrem, but I was recently gifted Trilogy Blemish Control Gel so once that big boy reared its ugly head I layered it on.



I applied it thrice yesterday but alas, the pimple has not disappeared. It has stayed stationary rather than blowing up into a fully fledged carbuncle but I wanted it to have faded into nothing by this morning. Is that too much to ask?

Trilogy Blemish Control Gel

Another old school method that's been tried and tested with mixed results is the humble tea-tree oil. I've used it myself (it was one of my bedside locker staples, along with my magnifying mirror and tweezers) and it certainly dried out the most monstrous of face mountains but only when I caught them at the first possible moment.

tea-tree-oil_lIs there any spot blaster you swear by? Have you tried something fancy that's failed utterly? This is a matter of great importance, let the floor be opened!

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