Barbara Daly for Tesco Mini Nail Varnishes: Fan. Feckin. Tastic.


So I have been getting a ridiculous amount of compliments about my nails lately, courtesy of my New Favourite Nail Varnish. Women I barely know in work are oohing and aahing and asking what it is I'm sporting on my talons.

It's not OPI. It's not Essie. Hell, it's not even Barry M.

Nope, it's a wee 7ml bottle of Barbara Daly for Tesco nail varnish in a take-the-eye-outta-yer-head super bright pink called "Sassy". These little minis are perfect for anyone who finds they don't ever get anywhere near the bottom of a bottle of nail varnish, or an ideal way to try a shade you mightn't usually go for - without the guilt of having shelling out for a full sized or fancy brand version only to discover it's actually rank with your skintone.


Buy from selected Tescos across the land for about tuppence apiece! (Oh fine, they're €3.99).

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