Bare Minerals Brush With Genuis Set is a Magnetic Marvel

bare minerals brush set

What seemed like a completely silly, gimmicky idea when I took it out of the box quickly transmogrified into an experience that had me squeeing in girlish delight. This is the Brush with Genius kit from Bare Minerals and it's basically an expandable beauty bag which contains one brush handle and five brush heads.

bare escentuals

Yes, you did read that right. One handle. Five heads.

Thanks to the Very Power of Magnets, you can snap on and off the brush tops, which include one for face, blush, two shadows and one liner. They feel nice on the skin, with firm heads and soft bristles.

But I had a problem. "It'll be crap!" I declared. Sure they'd be all wobbly and stuff, wouldn't they? No use for naaaathin', like.

bare escentuals


Actually, they're great.

The housings are nice and tight, the magnets strong and you have to click the heads down firmly on the handle to secure them. So there're actually no worries about weakness at all; they behave exactly like regular brushes do.  There is a tiny bit of movement but nothing that would impact on performance, so it's not an issue.

bare escentuals

So really, what's the point of the set? Yes, this is a gimmick, no doubt. But it's one that does deliver and is good for travel, your handbag, and also for cutting down on storage, which is a bit of an issue for me anyway, so I appreciate the space-saving aspect.

Plus, the little beauty bag they come in is cute and has an expandable pocket into which you should be able to fit most of your cosmetic must-haves for a short trip.

So, where do you buy? You should be able to find the set at stockists like BT2 stores and selected salons, or you can buy online from* for €41.44 delivered.


*indicates an affiliate

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