Fix: 11 Most Popular Stories From Last Week

Brighten up this MISERABLE Monday with galleries galore, tips on how to update your wardrobe now that autumn is officially upon us, and how to create the perfect brow tailored for your features, AND we may just have the answer to reducing the size of your handbag (you don't have to haul around the entire contents of your make up bag, you know)...

1. The Pride of Britain Awards 2015
Red was the colour of choice, but Chezza went with midnight blue

2. How to Update Your Autumn Wardrobe 
#FallInLove (did you see what we did there?)

3. Cocoa Brown Bronzing Gel Launch
All the photos from the tanning phenomenon

4. Our Beauty Ed’s Top Five!
This time we're talking our favourite mascaras of all time

5. Disappointing Autumn Releases
Products that left us feeling flat


6. The Ultimate Guide to Your Capsule Make Up Bag
See, you don't need to be hauling around your entire collection

7. The Rock. His New Puppy...
All the cuteness.

8. Irish Premiere screening of The Martian
We gots all the photos

9. Skin & Beauty Buzz
The gems we’re loving right now


10. Create the Perfect Brow for Your Features
Here's a handy Step By Stepper

A fantastically awesome Box could in your mitts!

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