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Feeling a bit frazzled and full of fear after the bank hollier weekend? Among the many (many) helpful links below, we have some pointers regarding how to beat that 'Glenroe / Antiques Roadshow' feeling before you head back to work after the weekend - why not give them a whirl next Sunday and see how you feel? On top of that, there's a cracking eyebrow highlighter that costs a mere pittance; an immediate grey hair remedy, and our top ten foundations - as approved by makeup artists.

1. 5 things to do on a Sunday for a stress-free week ahead
Mindfulness, meditation and exercise.

2. The effective tip to disguise grey hairs instantly
It may be weird, but it works!

3. Cool as a Cucumber
Friday Nights at The Mint Bar

4. The top ten foundations
And they're 100% makeup artist approved

5. Three moisturisers that really, honestly moisturise
Does exactly what it says on the 'tin'


6. Amp up your brow game!
This incredible highlighter dupe will help

7. A fitness transformation can change your life

8. Street Style at Coachella 2016
Weekend 2 was still all about the short shorts

9. New summer beauty products!
You need to know about them immediately


10. The 5 fabulous dresses you will live in all summer long
Good to be prepared whenever summer arrrives


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