How To: Store Your Make-Up Brushes

We chat about make-up brushes quite a bit here on, so we do. From rating our faves to checking out what a core collection should comprise... and, eh, 'fessing up about how many we actually own. It's obviously important to keep brushes squeaky clean - you can find out how to do that here - but how should you be storing them?

Well, you'll be glad to hear that there's not really any right or wrong way to store your brushes. Unless you squish them into a pencil-case stylee bag, which is a no-no - the one hard and fast rule of brush storage is to make sure that they have adequate room. You don't want them all smushed up together, as this can cause brushes to become misshapen. So feel free to stick with the (non pencil-case stylee bag) storage method that suits you best, be that keeping them in a desk or train case drawer, brush roll, brush case, baskets, or pot, just make sure the brushes are well spaced out.


You should keep 'wet' brushes (i.e. that you'd use for something like liquid foundation) seperate to 'dry' powder brushes, as brushes you use to apply liquid products are going to be more prone to harbouring bacteria. And be sure to store them out of direct sunlight!

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