Investigates: Does Freezing Tights Make Them Ladder-Resistant?

“WHAT” exclaimed the Mammy “are you doing?!”

“Freezing my tights” I said, as though this was (a) obvious and (b) the most normal thing in the world.

I couldn't really blame her for wondering what the actual eff I was up to, standing at the kitchen sink running three pairs of brand new, fresh-out-of-the-pack sheer nude tights under the tap.

“I read somewhere that if you freeze them for 24 hours before you wear them for the first time, it's supposed to make them more resistant to holes and laddering” I explained, sealing the now saturated tights into small Ziploc plastic bags.


“Oh... I think I might have heard that before. But how does it work?” the Mammy wanted to know. “And would you not just try it with one pair first?”

“Something about freezing them and then slowly bringing them back to room temperature makes the nylon molecules in them stronger... or, er, something” I said as I played a bit of freezer drawer Tetris. “And sure it's hardly going to make them more likely to run, is it? I might as well turn them all into magic run-resistant tights at the one time.”

Well my friends, I defrosted the tights on Friday evening (after coming *this* close to chucking the lot of them out because I had a momentary lapse of memory and thought they were gone-off steaks or something) and wore a 7 denier pair to a wedding on Saturday. And you know what? I didn't get a single snag or pulled thread, let alone a hole or a full-on run! Usually I'd put at least one finger through tights that are anything less than 80 denier before getting the tips of my toes into them or snag them on every chair/table/wall/piece of jewellery that I come in contact with, so I'm declaring this very random tip a roaring success.

Anyone else tried it?

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