Wonders: What's Your Favourite Makeup Finish?

favourite finish

YUCK, my loathing of peach pearlised nail polish knows no bounds, and I really cannot bear lipsticks with a frosted finish either.

Yeah, pretty fussy.

But those sort of finishes just scream aul wan to me, and I much prefer a mix of mattes, metallics, satins and subtle shine. Huge, massive pieces of chunky glitter are pretty much off my menu unless it's a particularly spangly occasion and I'm not 100% thrilled by a completely matte look either. A bit of a gleam brings skin to life, but too much and you're into 'I fell into a chip pan' territory.


So, what I want to know today is what your favourite finishes for foundation, blush, shadow and lipstick are? Are you a matte gal? Is it bling shine, sparkles and glitter a go-go on your noggin or do you prefer subtle satin-finished effects? Tell all in the comments.

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