Dilemma: Should Vanessa Choose Johnny Depp or Coco Chanel?

Golden Gloves

Vanessa 'Joe le Taxi' Paradis is not only the proud owner of one Johnny Depp, esq, she's also lent her face and figure to Chanel's Cambon handbags and their Coco perfume in the past, forging a relationship with the brand that's lasted since 1992.

Now the lucky wagon has been named as the face of a new range of Chanel lipsticks, Rouge Coco de Chanel, which will debut next year, and which I think, to be fair, is just one piece of good fortune too far for one woman.

So here's the dilemma and it's a bit of a daddy-or-chips one. I'm playing God and I'm saying Vanessa can only have one of the above. So put yourselves in her shoes and choose, girls. Johnny or Coco?


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