EXCLUSIVE: 10% off at Alchemist Earth!


It's hard to believe that it's nearly a whole year since Kirstie gave us the heads up about the hip, not hippy Alchemist Earth store in Limerick. Currently celebrating their 1st birthday, they'd like to share the love with you Beaut.ieful ladies with an exclu-hoosive 10% discount off all their extensive natural and organic skincare ranges, like Korres, Lavera, Nádúr, Pangea, Ren and Suki. Aw, thanks you guys!

Just pop into the natural beauty emporium if you're down that neck of the woods between now and the 6th December and mention to avail of this offer.

Bada bing, bada boom, savings!


Alchemist Earth, 10 Sarsfield Street, Limerick, phone (061) 404218. Offer valid from 01st - 06th December 2008 inclusive.

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