How To: Powder Your Eyebrows


If you've mastered the art of home tweezing but are maybe thinking your brows need a little somethin' somethin' extra, you could always try enhancing them with a lick of brow powder. Less harsh looking and miles easier to use than eyebrow pencil, brow powder can define, fill in gaps, elongate, enhance the shape of your arch, and generally add polish to your look - regardless of how thick your brows are naturally.


For the most natural finish, choose a powder that's a shade or two lighter than your own hair colour, unless your brows are super fair in which case you should go a shade darker. Laura Mercier, Stila, and Benefit all do great brow powder duos with a choice of two shades. Apply using a stiff angled brow brush like MAC's 208, and work in light feathery strokes from the inner to the outer corner. Then just top with a bit of brow gel or wax if you need a bit of hold to keep more unruly laddies in place.

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