Undercover: Salons Re-using Towels


Last week we had a very interesting email, from a lady we'll call Salon Spy. Working at a top Dublin hair salon, she'd been puzzled for a while as to where all the new, fresh and fluffy towels were coming from, considering the salon is busy, and they only get deliveries from the laundrette on a twice-weekly basis.

Then the mystery was solved. In between clients, this is what happens: "the wet towels used are gathered up and spun around the tumble dryer several times a day", Salon Spy tells us. It's especially common on hectic days like Saturdays, apparently, and the result is not-quite-laundry-fresh towels that go back onto the salon floor. And back on to the heads of unsuspecting customers.

They've been on just-washed heads, sure, but there are other things to consider. Cuts, scalp conditions and all sorts of nasties could be lurking, and I have to wonder if even the top tumble setting would be hot enough to kill anything, or would it just add up to a lovely breeding ground for bacteria-soup?


What do you lot think? No big deal? Or if you found out that your salon did this, would it be a deal-breaker?

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